Razer Keyboards

Razer Keyboard Features

As is typical of Razer, which enjoys an overwhelming reputation in the gaming scene, all keyboards are mechanical, and while Razer’s keyboards are notable for the company’s signature “RGB” lighting effect on the keyboard, what is truly remarkable is the function and performance of the keyboard itself.

Razer keyboards are

  1. easy to type on
  2. improved keystroke precision and functionality, and
  3. excellent durability

The keyboard itself is the main feature of the Razer keyboard.

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What to look for when choosing a Razer keyboard

Razer sells high-performance and high-performance keyboards, but the high performance comes at a high price. However, the high durability of the product does not make it a bad cosmetic choice.

The key points to consider when choosing such a Razer keyboard are

  1. type of key switches Keyboard size
  2. usage scenario

The three points are as follows.

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Razer Keyboard Size Lineup

  • Full Size thumbnail

    Full Size

    Standard keyboard size. While it has the advantage of not being overstuffed with arrow keys, functions, and even a numeric keypad, the keyboard is inevitably longer in length and width, which increases the distance to the mouse and trackpad.

  • Tenkeyless (TKL) thumbnail

    Tenkeyless (TKL)

    A full-size keyboard minus the numeric keypad. This size has become popular in recent years because it offers the feel of a full-size keyboard with reduced width.

  • Conpact (60%) thumbnail

    Conpact (60%)

    A layout in which the numeric keypad, arrow keys, and function lines are deleted from a full-size keyboard. Depending on the key layout, there are various types such as 60%, 65%, 66%, etc., but in general they are called "compact keyboards. The compact size means that there are no arrow keys or function rows, which results in a special key mapping combined with Fn.

Razer Keyboard Type

  • Mechanical thumbnail


    Mechanical keyboards are characterized by their unique clicking feel. Although popular among gaming users, these keyboards are also chosen for general use these days because of their "fatigue-resistant" advantage.

Razer Keyboard Switch Lineup

  • RAZER Mechanical

    Razer, a leading manufacturer of gaming keyboards, has developed its own mechanical switches, which are optimized for harsh gaming environments, including a keystroke life of 80 million strokes.

  • RAZER Mechanical Membrane

    Razer's unique switches combine the clicky feel of mechanical switches with the comfortable cushioning of a membrane.

  • Razer Opto-mechanical

    Razer's proprietary keyswitch. They operate using laser light rather than physical switches, resulting in a very light key touch, high responsiveness, and durability of 100 million keystrokes.

Razer Keyboard Switch Axes

  • RAZER Green Mechanical Switches

    A classic mechanical switch among the proprietary switches developed by Razer. It has a solid clicking feel and weight.

  • RAZER Yellow mechanical switches

    Silent linear switches provide extremely smooth keystrokes without tactile bumps, and sound-reducing specifications further enhance quietness.

  • RAZER Clicky Optical

    Optical switches work at a 30% shorter distance than regular mechanical switches. The actuation force is also lighter at 45g and has more clicks than Razer linear optical switches.

  • RAZER Linear Optical Switch

    Optical switches work 17% shorter than regular mechanical switches. The actuation force is also lightweight at 45g, with little clicking, making it highly responsive and lightweight.

Razer Keyboard Series


    BLACKWIDOW is the flagship series of Razer keyboards. This is a series of mechanical keyboards with all of Razer's technology dedicated to gaming.


    HUNTSMAN is a series of mechanical keyboards that specializes in instant response, with almost zero input latency to prevent loss in gaming situations.


    The CYNOSA is Razer's basic gaming keyboard with RAZER CHROMA RGB, but at a lower price by making it a membrane rather than a mechanical keyboard, and with command mapping using Razer Synapse 3, it's a cheap but solid introduction to Razer's CYNOSA is a great introduction to Razer's gaming keyboards at a very reasonable price.


    The ORNATA is a thin, ergonomic gaming keyboard with Razer's unique mechanical membrane switches, which are rare in gaming keyboards and allow for mechanical typing.


    The TARTARUS is a one-handed, game-specific 32-key keyboard with Razer's unique mechanical switches and a programming feature that allows you to change the bindings depending on the actuation point, making a difference in your game play.


    The PRO TYPE is the only Razer keyboard targeted at business users, and is equipped with productivity-enhancing features such as a white color and ergonomic design that fit in well in the office or home.

Razer Keyboard Features

A keyboard for gamers that goes the extra mile

Razer keyboards are developed with a focus on how to make gameplay more comfortable. Therefore, they excel in “reducing keystroke stress” and “optimizing keystrokes”.

Mechanisms and design to reduce key typing fatigue

Razer keyboards are designed to reduce fatigue even after long hours of continuous typing, with ergonomically designed keys, fatigue-free proprietary key switches, and a program mode that can drastically reduce typing.

Not only are they effective in the gaming scene, but they are also ideal for business situations where typing is an everyday activity.

High Durability

Razer keyboards are designed to be durable enough to withstand the harsh typing environment of professional gamers, and Razer’s proprietary “OptoMechanical” keyboard is a good example of this, with a durability of 100 million keystrokes, twice as many as a typical mechanical keyboard.

Razer’s keyboards are priced considerably higher than most keyboards, but considering that they can be used for twice as long as other companies’ keyboards, they are rather cost-effective.

What to look for when choosing a Razer keyboard

While some manufacturers have an endless variety of keyboard types, layouts, and switch types to choose from, selecting a Razer keyboard is not that difficult.

Understanding the difference between keyswitches

First, let’s choose the type of keyswitch you’re looking for: all Razer keyboards have Razer’s own keyswitches, and all Razer keyboards have the following

  1. RAZER Mechanical
  2. RAZER Mechanical membrane
  3. RAZER Opto-Mechanical

All of them are mechanical switches.

All are mechanical switches, but each has subtle differences.

- RAZER Mechanical RAZER Mechanical Membrane RAZER Opto-Mechanical
Mechanism Mechanical Mechanical + Membrane Mechanical
How Switches Work Physical Switches Physical Switches Optical Switches
Switch axis type RAZER Green Mechanical Switches
RAZER Yellow Mechanical Switches
- RAZER Clicky Optical
RAZER Linear Optical Switches

Let’s understand the differences between the different series.

Each series of Razer keyboards is unique.

Series Switch Full Size TKL 60% 32 keys
HUNTSMAN RAZER Opto-Mechanical -
CYNOSA RAZER Mechanical -
ORNATA RAZER Mechanical membrane - - -
TARTARUS RAZER Mechanical - - -
PRO TYPE RAZER Mechanical - - -

In terms of switches, HUNTSMAN is the optical RAZER Opto-Mechanical, ORNATA is the low-profile RAZER Mecha-Membrane, and the rest are RAZER Mechanical.

In terms of layout, the flagship models, BLACKWIDOW, HUNTSMAN, and CYNOSA, cover from full-size to 60% keys, while the other models are basically full-size-only.

Compare models from other manufacturers as well, as there are few options depending on size, such as tenkeyless or compact keyboards.

Let’s consider the usage scenario.

Razer’s keyboards are mainly the shiny, rainbow-colored RBG keyboards, but the company has actually released a line for business use as well.

In particular, if you are using it for work, choose a model with low key noise to avoid “typing noise” and “tick-tock” harassment of others.