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Advantages and Useful Uses of Keyboards with Macro Function

Macro functions are becoming popular in the PC gaming scene. We have summarized the advantages and convenient usage of keyboards with macro functions.

What is the macro function on the keyboard?

In computers, a macro function refers to "having a specific process operate automatically. Usually, computers let you perform automatic operations by programming, but a macro is a mechanism that improves work efficiency by automating operations that are not as extensive as programming, but are performed regularly.

The macro function on the keyboard is similar to a "shortcut that lets you enter a specific key combination." By setting a macro for a key operation that you perform every time, you can reduce the number of keystrokes.

Advantages of the macro function on the keyboard

Since the keyboard is an input device, you can use macros to make "typing" more efficient and faster.

Simplify keystrokes to improve work efficiency

If you have regular operations in your work or tasks, you can reduce the number of times you have to type or make keystrokes easier by setting up macros for the keystrokes you use each time.

For example, suppose an application has a shortcut "Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S" to call a certain function. This shortcut can be changed on the app side, but if the app has many shortcuts set up, there will be a conflict between the shortcuts.

By using the macro function to assign the "menu key" to "Ctrl + Shift + Alt + S," the same shortcut can be called up by simply pressing two keys, making keystrokes much easier.

In addition, for example, the Razer keyboard can also be used with a dedicated application called "Razer Synapse" to set shortcuts for operations that are not given shortcuts for each specific application.

This is one of Razer's strengths and the reason for its popularity among many users.

Macro functions speed up keystrokes

The keyboard is the interface to the computer, and naturally the faster you type, the faster you can work.

In the gaming scene, fast keystrokes can make the difference between winning and losing, and for those who type a lot (e.g., writers and programmers), fast keystrokes will allow them to complete their work faster.

The best way to speed up keystrokes is to improve your typing skills, but you can also use macros to speed up your keystrokes even more.

For example, if a game requires the keys to be typed in the order "S -> F -> T" to perform a specific action, the speed is limited if the keys are typed by a human. However, macros are like programs, so it is possible to make the user type at speeds that exceed human limits, such as 0.0001 seconds.

In addition, by setting up a macro for the flow of your specific action (such as "A" followed by "B" followed by "C", etc.), you can call up your own unique action with a single keystroke.

Useful usage of the macro function of the keyboard

Let's set up key operations to be performed regularly.

Macro functions are often thought of as "for games," but they are actually very powerful for everyday use.

The macro function is a simple program, so to speak. In programming circles, there is a concept called "DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself)". It means don't repeat the same thing you did yourself (i.e., let the computer do it for you next time).

The same can be said for the macro function on your keyboard.

When you are working on a task, the same keystrokes will inevitably occur. However, if you perform the same operation 10 times a week, 5 days a week, you will perform the same operation more than 2,500 times a year.

If that operation takes 5 seconds, if you can reduce it to a 1-second operation using a macro, you can save "4 seconds * 5 days * 10 times * 52 weeks = 166 minutes" per year.

If you increase the number of such operations to 10 or 20, you can save a lot of time.