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How to reduce wrist pain when typing on a MacBook

We have compiled a list of ways to reduce wrist pain when typing on a MacBook.

Causes of wrist pain when typing on a MacBook

Although Apple's MacBook series is very thoughtfully designed, some people may experience wrist pain when typing.

There are multiple causes of pain, though,

  1. the edges of the chassis of the unit are painful
  2. unreasonable wrist angle

This is probably the most common cause.

To reduce the pain when typing, it is necessary to remove these causes.

Reduce pain at the edges of the enclosure of the MacBook body

Since the chassis of the MacBook series is made of metal and has an edge on the palm rest, the edge of the chassis can become painful when touched for long periods of time.

Since the edges cannot be changed, it is best to customize the palm rest area or raise your wrist to avoid touching the edges.

Customize the palm rest area to reduce pain.

The major way to customize the palm rest is to install a third-party palm rest cover. This is actually one of the major customizations because it prevents the palm rest from deteriorating due to hand sebum and also reduces discomfort caused by palm rest heat.

When choosing a par rest cover,

  1. a product that can cover the edges of the enclosure well
  2. a material that is slightly thicker and has a cushioning effect

It is recommended that you choose a product that is slightly thicker and made of a cushioning material.

Keep your wrists up so they don't touch the edges.

Actually, a highly effective method is to make sure that the wrist is raised so that it does not touch the edge area in the first place.

When a person is typing, it is best if the wrists are straight, but when typing, the wrists tend to bend. This is a phenomenon that exists not only in MacBooks but also in common keyboards.

The best way to improve such a phenomenon is to introduce a wrist rest for the keyboard.

Simply by placing the wrist rest on the MacBook and typing, your wrists will be slightly lifted off the desk, so your wrists will be horizontal to the keyboard and the angle of your wrists will not be unreasonable.

Wrist rests range from cushioned ones, such as urethane foam, to hard wooden ones.

You can also use an external keyboard.

The keyboards on modern MacBooks are designed with low key height, which inevitably causes fatigue and wrist pain after long hours of typing.

If the methods described so far have not improved the pain, consider an external keyboard such as a mechanical keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard has the advantages of a pleasant keystroke sound and fast response speed, so many users are daring to use a mechanical keyboard instead of the main body keyboard on their MacBooks.